So… I guess I’m a Blogger!

So… I guess I’m a Blogger!

Welcome to my first ever blog post!

*champagne pops and fizzes along with the sound of cheers* or perhaps *a very smart looking me snips a ribbon with Huge scissors*

These wildly imaginative fiction/daydream thingies (technical, I know) bring me onto the purpose of the blog, the core reasons that founded these very words you are reading. I guess it’s because it’s the summer holidays and instead of being all educational and what-not, (don’t. ask.) I was headbanging in the local park with all the cool kids. Except not. I was actually on my laptop, surfing the BBC Bitesize website, planning on getting ahead on my Romeo and Juliet studies (sad, I know.) Anyway, I came across a Journalism course and I was like huh? There’s a journalism GCSE? It turns out there is and I spent a lil’ while skimming through and thought to myself hey, this is definitely something I could pursue!

Once I get an idea in my head, no WAY am I letting it go, so on I go, reading articles to improve your journalist skills (not that I have any because I’m not one…) and one wikiHow article said to start a blog. And there I sat, thinking to myself, hell yeah! Well, I didn’t think hell yeah, but probably something a bit more British and a lot less cheesy.

So here I am, about an hour later, with a blog. Now I am so not expecting bundles of followers and reads or whatever it’s called on a website. In fact, I’m not even expecting one. I’m doing this purely for me: to practice my journalist skills, to develop my analytical style (wow word, I know! ;)), to document my own feelings (anonymously of course) and so maybe one day as a happy woman, or even just a satisfied woman I can look back and think ‘Well… I got through it and now look at me! I’m bloody working in McDonald’s!’


(Not that working in McDonald’s is bad…)

Anyway… *nervous chuckle* thanks for making it to the end (or maybe you skipped… idk) I guess I’ll be writing maybe a few times a week? Probably more often when I’m having a terrible/amazing time. Hopefully it’s the latter!

Hope this made your day a little bit more perfect 🙂

Maya ❤


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