August Bullet Journal

August Bullet Journal

Fun fact about me: I’m a bullet journal-er!

I’m not really sure why but I thought about sharing my spread for this month on here because… why not? So, here you go! >>>

aug bujo 1
Here’s my first double page spread! I got my inspo from Caitlin’s Corner – check out her channel it’s so creative.

So for my first page, I used Caitlin’s Corner’s spread because

  1. it looks good but did not take a lot of drawing (which I’m not too good at…)
  2. and how cute is it? plus it’s functional

but I added a mini calendar because they’re so useful. I also added a ‘tasks’ box to write a to-do list for this month like get school supplies (in case you didn’t know, in the UK we go back to school in early September.)

On the next page I’ve got my habit trackers and something I’ve never done before! I found a sheet of plain calendar boxes and my mum to printed them off for me (thanks mum! <3) Then I wrote one to thirty-one which was really annoying but hey, I’ve got loads free time! The next part of my page is for memories. I wrote ‘highlights’ and at the end of August I can write all the good things that happened. Then my page looked a bit empty so I added a drop shadow and leaves :).

aug bujo 2On the first page I tried to re-create my other page but, sadly, it did not work. I stuck some paper on top but that also did not work. *sobbing*

Anyway, it’s a pretty basic exercise tracker because in the summer it’s so easy just to sit in your garden and not move all day. And I refuse to do so! I added some more plants and that’s it really… For my weekly spread I just wrote the date, left six squares and repeated.

Here’s a photo that I took with the help of my new friend Purely Ella

p.s. my birthday is on the 27th. Comment down below when yours is and find your twin!

Maya ❤

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