Tuesday Talks: How I Deal with Spot Shaming

Tuesday Talks: How I Deal with Spot Shaming

Nobody likes spots. We can all agree on that. Especially where you’re in that faze where you’ve got your first one or two… or five billion! That’s why it’s really tactful not to mention it to people. Or even not say “What Happened To Your Forehead!?”

Don’t get me wrong. I love my nana. But she lives hours away so we don’t see her that often. So we went to see her a while ago and my skin was particularly bad. And I had a few scars on my forehead (that’s the only place that I get spots!)

She put her glasses on, squints at me and then cries “Maya! What’s wrong with your forehead!?”

For a minute all I can thinks is what? Then I realise and, of course, I say “nothing.” There is nothing “wrong” with my forehead. Then my dad says “oh it’s just some spots… blahblahblah… teenage stuff…”

But it really knocked my confidence. And the fact that this happened over a year ago and I still remember her exact words show that. I didn’t say anything at the time because I know she wasn’t trying to upset me but it did.

I’m fine though – I do face masks and stuff to clear my skin but I think what I’ve learnt from this is people always look at you, however you look. So you may as well learn to stop caring. It’s sounds so simple but I always catch myself thinking ‘is she talking about me?’ or stuff like that. But I’m trying to stop caring. Maybe you will too?

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Maya ❤

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