5 Days without Makeup: Could You Do It?

5 Days without Makeup: Could You Do It?


I think, before this starts, you need to know what makeup I wear generally.

Normally I wear: primer, concealer (under eye), eyebrow gel, subtle-ish eyeshadow and maybe mascara.

Day 1:

This day was ‘easy’ for me, I guess. I had no plans, and I’d just had the busiest week (no school though.) I spent almost a whole week staying at other people’s houses and I was completely exhausted so I was quite pleased to spend the day at home. I wrote a blog post (hehe) and tidied my room amongst other mundane chores. Really, wearing no makeup didn’t affect me because there was no reason to – it certainly made getting ready and dressed a lot quicker!

Day 2:

My family stayed the night before and we all went into town. Before leaving the house I looked in my mirror, thinking ‘Look at my bags! I think I need some concealer!’ and ‘My brows look very… gappy. Where’s my brow brush?’ I remembered my pledge not to wear any makeup and I tried to tell myself I didn’t need it but truth be told, I would’ve felt better with some on. However I soon forgot about my bare face because I was too busy joking and shopping with my family. Also I looked at them and thought about how the men were not brought up thinking they need makeup. I then looked at the women in my family and they were not wearing makeup. So why should I? I thought and that was the last time I thought about it that day!

Day 3:

Again, I didn’t do much (I swear I usually do stuff!) but I went to see my granddad and went for a walk and some other stuff. I didn’t even really think about makeup after I looked in the mirror. I got dressed and sat down to do my makeup, remembered I couldn’t and left!

Day 4:

I went for a run quite early in the morning but I never wear makeup to exercise anyway. Then my friend came over and we did the Best Friend Yoga Challenge. It wasn’t even that bad! Anyway I’ve known her for four years so I don’t really have to bother with my appearance for her (no offense, Nutella.)

Day 5:

Walking to my auntie’s house really made me realise something – nobody looks at you, thinking ‘she looks terrible without makeup’ – so why do we worry that they do? I know that only look at people to think that they’re really pretty, or handsome, or whatever. It’s like in school when I have to deliver a message to another class I’m always thinking people are looking at my hair or my tie looks weird but when when people walk into my class I barely notice them!

I am glad that I’ve done this ‘challenge’ but I have realised that I don’t use makeup because I need it. I use it because it’s fun!

Thanks for reading!

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6 thoughts on “5 Days without Makeup: Could You Do It?

  1. This is such a cool challenge – I also almost always wear makeup too and this week, unknowingly, I’ve gone 5 days without the tiniest bit of makeup as I’ve been staying with a French friend in the countryside – would love to try it in my normal routine though! Xx

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