Tuesday Talks: How to Be More Plant Based!

Tuesday Talks: How to Be More Plant Based!

First up, before you click off thinking that I’m just another pushy vegan shaking my fist at you for eating a McDonald’s burger, let me just tell you that

  1. I’m actually not vegan
  2. I don’t really care if you’re eating a burger
  3. This is going to be a very open-minded and nonjudgemental blog post about small changes you can make to save the world (that may be a lil bit OTT)

lettuce get started!

(haha, lettuce… plant based… gettit?)

I am in no way, shape or form telling everyone to instantly go meat-free, dairy-free and everything-free.  Even if you can slightly reduce your intake it will help! There are countless reasons why people can’t or don’t want to be vegan or vegetarian or pescatarian or whatever. I’m not shaming that. But the way that people are living is not sustainable! 

There are so many small changes you can make, such as

  • meatless mondays
  • having meat with only one or two meals a day
  • having meat only on the weekdays or weekends

You can even try some plant based alternatives because trust me – they taste exactly the same!

  • use a non-dairy butter
  • switch to oat/soya/almond/coconut milk
  • try Quorn products once or twice a week
  • barbeque? veggie/bean burger!
  • bolognese? Quorn/mushroom mince!

I am by no means an expert… but having less meat gives your digestive system a break and you get to find new flavours without harming anyone! I have fallen in love with vanilla soya milk. It’s just amazing. The chocolate soya milk is like hot chocolate when you heat it (mmmmm.)

All I’m trying to say is – it’s 2018! We have great advances in technology and every other aspect of life so don’t be close-minded about your food.

I got together a load of packed lunch ideas!

I did 5 days without makeup!

Thanks for reading! What are your favourite alternatives?

Maya ❤

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