Back to School Bullet Journal spreads You Need!

Back to School Bullet Journal spreads You Need!

Seeing as I’m going back to school in September and you… Well I don’t know about you but the good thing about these pages is that anyone can use them! Whether you’re fifteen or fifty, you can use them and you don’t even need a bullet journal! Just use a random notebook! Now,

lettuce get started!

1. Books to Get!

This spread is so great because it looks really organised and it makes you really organised. I use it to write the names of textbooks and my English books. And omg I just remembered I need to get a copy of Romeo and Juliet! Aaahh! Good thing I’ve got all these spreads to keep me sorted out 😉

2. Sleep Tracker

Even if you don’t go to school, work or anything else you can’t lie and tell me that your sleep is great. Don’t even pretend that you haven’t (at least a few times) gone to sleep in the wee hours and woken up super late. Because I know I have. I also know that I have to get up before SEVEN AM 😦 and anything less than eleven hours of sleep will not do (I wish!)

3. Meal Plan | Lunch Ideas

This can also be used even if you don’t have somewhere to go and be productive. It saves so much time knowing that you have five (or six or seven) staple meals where you know that you like them and they’re quick and easy to make. Selfless self promo hehe: I’ve done a full post on lunch ideas here! I mean, if I were you I would totally check that out and leave a like 🙂

4. Stationary Checklist!

*Note the exclamation mark because I Love Stationary*I love this spread because you get to doodle all the things you need! And what else is cuter than doodles of stationary? NOTHING! Plus you get to write how many of each thing you need and I’m not even good at drawing but it’s fun so… yeah!

5. Homework/Revision Organiser

This is probably the plainest of all the spreads *me weeping and tears dripping on the keys as I type this* but it works so it’s fine. It has columns to wite the lesson, task, due date and any notes or reminders about it. Plus there’s a section to write all the tests that are coming up (nooo) and stuff.

I made a whole post on packed lunch ideas!

I went 5 days without makeup!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what spreads you like best and if you recreate them!

Maya ❤

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