Tuesday Talks: August Favourites w/ Skincare, Music, Shows and more!

Tuesday Talks: August Favourites w/ Skincare, Music, Shows and more!

I’ve never done this type of post before and I’ve actually enjoyed gathering up all my favourite things from this month! Also my birthday was yesterday so I’ll be doing some birthday related posts soon!

lettuce get started!

TV and Films:

  • Jane the Virgin – this has honestly become my new favourite show! I’ve watched a whole season in a month (I usually take ages to watch a series!) It’s rated teen on Netflix and I really recommend it.
  • The Goldbergs – I watch this with my mum and we both absolutely love it! It’s so funny and I can seriously relate to Adam… *cry*
  • Home Again – when I first started watching this film I was things This Is So Cheesy!!! But I really enjoyed it and I shipped, like, all the characters aha. It’s rated a 12 on Netflix.


  • LUSH Retread conditioner – I must admit that, in my opinion, this is quite pricey. It was (roughly) £13 for the medium-sized pot which is about the size of a bottle. But it makes my hair feel good and smell a-ma-zing!
  • Maui Coconut Milk shampoo – it makes my hair feel really smooth and as my hair is curly it can get really dry. I love this shampoo because it doesn’t dry out my hair.
  • Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream – this could be in every single one of my ‘monthly favourites’ posts because I keep finding new uses for it! Eyebrow gel, lip balm/gloss, cuticle cream, elbow cream, it soothes sunburn and a burn I had the other day (minor though! And I wouldn’t recommend it on an open wound!) It is 100% worth the price.


  • Sweetener – I absolutely love Every Single Song on Sweetener! As I’ve previously mentioned, I’ve been an Arianator (cringe) for EVERRR! Especially R.E.M and better off
  • Licorice tea – you may think this sounds weird but it is my new fav tea. It’s just really sweet and soothing and yum. I don’t actually think it tastes that much like licorice…
  • Running – I started a Couch to 5K with my mum at the end of June and now we’re in week 8! It’s great because there’s a huge field right beside our house and now we get to use it three times a week! Also going in the morning is nice bcause we always see a load of cute dogs (I’m still a cat person!)

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My tips on being more plant based (without eating rubbish!)

Thanks for reading!

Maya ❤

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