Tuesday Talks: Catchup w/ Me!

Tuesday Talks: Catchup w/ Me!

This past… I don’t even know how long it’s been but let’s just say I’ve been busy. Today I’m just going to chat about that and…

lettuce get started!

I always think the last and the first week of the holidays are the most fun and jam-packed. In the first week everyone’s so excited to just not be in school that they live in town or at their friends’ houses or visiting family. In the last week or so everyone’s like OMG I’m Going Back To School!!! That’s when we all have to run around buying school supplies, getting a bigger size in your uniform (not for me because I just don’t grow!

I got sidetracked. Anyway I had my birthday on Monday 27th (woop woop!!!) and I went to Chelmsford with my friend. Just sayin’, I am going to do a What I Got for My Birthday post ;). Then on Tuesday I spent the whole day at my friend’s house which was really fun. We binge-watched Ackley Bridge. I love Ackley Bridge. Then on Wednesday I spent the whole day clearing out my whole room. I got rid of So. Much. Stuff. It was incredible, honestly. And then I made room for all my new stuff and I had the world’s best bath with all my new birthday stuff.

On Wednesday night another friend stayed over and the next morning we went to Osea Island. I’ve been once before but it was amazing! It’s basically a really tiny island with loads of cute cottages and vintage bicycles and a tennis court and a pool and a sauna and a gym. It was gorgeous. We got back home Friday afternoon and I was exhausted so I unpacked my bag and watched TV. (Ackley Bridge, of course!)

On Saturday it was my nana’s memorial. Some of her old school friends stayed the night before and it was nice to meet them. I had very mixed emotions. It was a sad day, but we had lunch at her favourite restaurant and I got to see all the family that I don’t see often and that was great. We also had dinner at this really nice Indian restaurant down the road.

cute pic of my cat in a shoebox ❤

I spent the whole of  Monday in Westfield with my auntie. Her wedding is in less than two weeks and it’s in New York. I got some really nice shoes for the wedding and some other bits.

Today it’s Tuesday and I go back to school tomorrow. The worst part will probably be having to get up before seven. In the holidays, you will not see me up before nine. Tonight I’m having my annual mammoth pamper night. It’s going to be EPIC! Wish me luck for tomorrow!

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Thanks for reading! If you go back to school/have gone back to school (or work or whatever) then I wish you all good luck with that!

gotta love a bit of King George!

Maya ❤

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