August Bullet Journal

August Bullet Journal

Fun fact about me: I’m a bullet journal-er!

I’m not really sure why but I thought about sharing my spread for this month on here because… why not? So, here you go! >>>

aug bujo 1
Here’s my first double page spread! I got my inspo from Caitlin’s Corner – check out her channel it’s so creative.

So for my first page, I used Caitlin’s Corner’s spread because

  1. it looks good but did not take a lot of drawing (which I’m not too good at…)
  2. and how cute is it? plus it’s functional

but I added a mini calendar because they’re so useful. I also added a ‘tasks’ box to write a to-do list for this month like get school supplies (in case you didn’t know, in the UK we go back to school in early September.) Read more